Tuesday, March 10, 2009

How to Kiss Good: The First Kiss

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So for your first kiss, you have to know how to kiss good in a first date context: It's the moment. The date has gone perfectly, or maybe it's still in progress. You and your date are cuddled up cozily, watching a movie, in front of a bonfire, or just hanging out doing something fun. I don't need to supply a date for you, just a moment for the kiss. You start to feel like it's time that you should do something. For some reason, all you can think about is the other person's lips. You have a couple of options when it comes to how to get a first kiss. You are definitely only limited by your imagination. Here is my favorite method:

The Direct Approach: Although this is not necessarily the most classy way of getting a kiss, it's definitely cute, they'll appreciate your directness, and best of all, it has never failed to work for me. You don't have to ask them for the kiss. Here's what you do: Just wait until they mention something that doesn't seem very important. Pretend you weren't listening, and then apologize, and say "I'm sorry, I'm having trouble focusing, because all I think about is kissing you right now".

Say it softly, while looking into their eyes, if possible. Smile a little bit to show your sincerity. This line is solid gold. If you are a girl, and you say this to a guy, he'd better better start kissing you right now. If he isn't, maybe you aren't giving off the right signs that you want to be kiss and you need help figuring out how to get a guy to kiss you. I'll post a link soon about how to give off good body language to show that you are ready to be kissed. If you are a guy, and you say this to a girl, she'll probably melt right there in your arms, and you'll be able to tell.

From there, maintain direct eye contact. While you have eye contact, place one or two fingers under their chin and lift their face into an appropriate position. Then, lean in slowly. If they lean in also, don't seem to want to pull away, and/or close their eyes, you're good to go! Tilt your face slightly so your noses won't bump, and move your face into their. Don't close your eyes until the last second.

The kiss should be very soft, very tender, very gentle. It is, after all, a first kiss, and should be treated respectfully. Let it last a few seconds, then pull back and open your eyes. Let them open their eyes, and meet yours. Then you can decide whether or not to continue to make out. Later, I'll post an article about how to make out.

Hope this helps you aspiring kissers out there. Make sure to leave a comment and tell me if this helped you to get the confidence for your first kiss, and how it went. Don't be shy! They probably want to kiss you just as much as you want to kiss them. Get out there and do it, cause now that you know your first kiss, you are on the right path to learning how to kiss. Good luck!

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